One man's desperate act sets off a chain reaction...

Captain Tom Rider, once the esteemed captain of the Emerald of the Sea, faces the ultimate betrayal. His career in ruins and his marriage on the rocks, Rider devises a plan for revenge that could cripple an empire.

As Rider's scheme unfolds, it sends shockwaves through the White House, igniting a crisis that demands immediate attention. From the corridors of power to the quiet corners of personal turmoil, secrets unravel and alliances shatter. Loved ones grapple with the fallout, uncovering hidden truths that bind them. Amid the upheaval, a relentless journalist seeks the truth, while a woman navigates a web of lies, desperate to honor a promise. As danger looms, the stakes escalate, intertwining lives in a race against time.

"Depth of Deception" is a gripping audio drama that delves into betrayal, conspiracy, and the relentless pursuit of truth, where every lie leads closer to the heart of the mystery.

Depth of Deception

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